Guidance, Coaching and Subtle Energy


The depiction below is of a Peace Pulse™ individual session

Photography by Christine Hunt with photoshop rendering by Bella Photo Art.

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Individual and Group Consultations

Peace Nouvella™

Peace Nouvella™ consultations can include subtle energy healing, intuitive guidance and life purpose coaching.  As a  highly individualized session it can include:  intuitive guidance relevant to one's life path and soul purpose, personalized coaching and training, an energy field scan and assessment, and a full spectrum subtle energy directed with the hands called the Peace Pulse™.

Peace Pulse™

Peace Pulse™ subtle energy sessions promote healing and a peaceful harmonious integration
of body, mind and spirit.   As a hands healing practice the Peace Pulse™ effects the natural
flow of our life force also called "subtle energy, chi, ki, prana" and numerous other terms.  
During a Peace Pulse™ session the ability to peacefully sense your own life force is enhanced.  
This may occur as a soft gently pulsating sensation or wave-like high vibrational cleansing
sensation of divine light flowing throughout one's being.
Click here to see an enlarged visual depiction. 

The Peace Pulse™ can also bring a stillness to the mind and for some a direct experience of a
profoundly loving Presence.  During a session pleasant tingling and/or other gentle soothing
sensations may also occur as your life force flow naturally shifts toward restored wholeness as
greater health and well-being.  The effects of a session may also include a release of self-limiting beliefs that influence your own self-healing abilities.

Intuitive Guidance and Life Purpose Coaching

Individual consultations can include multi-sensory intuitive guidance and life purpose coaching with the intent of:  increasing your self-healing abilities, improving relationships, identifying career directions and/or clarifying your life purpose.  Sessions can also include a subtle energy field scan and assessment to access information about soul memories as they relate to your current life circumstances.

Visit our Programs and Peace Nouvella™ pages for detailed information on specific trainings and events.  These include the Peace Nouvella Players™ and Inner Peace Treaty™ projects
that are co-sponsored by the American Healing Arts Alliance Inc. non-profit organization.

 Individual Sessions with Alice Yeager
Intuitive guidance consultations and/or Peace Pulse™ sessions.

Cost: (Emailed or phone) Single question - $35, Two questions - $50

In-person, via Skype or phone: $35 - 1/3 hour, $50 - 1/2 hour, $75 - 1 hour,

$100 - 1 1/2 hours, $125 - 2 hours.

 Free introductory 20 minute Peace Pulse sessions are offered by appointment at Peace Point.

Free repeat sessions are offered at a reduced rate or without charge for those with serious debilitating health issues or chronic conditions who are not able to work because of their situation. These sessions are offered as mutually agreed upon until functioning is restored.


Joint Sessions with Alice Yeager and Faith Hagerty

Alice Yeager, MFA is an accomplished professional speaker, trainer, subtle energy hands healer,
multi-sensory intuitive, life coach, mentor, writer, illustrator and fine artist.

Faith Hagerty, MPT, cert. MDT, CSCS, a physical therapist, has worked in a variety of clinical settings and specializes in orthopedic spine and extremity rehabilitation and pain management.

This work combines Alice Yeager and Faith Hagerty's knowledge and skills in subtle energy healing and functional physical anatomy. Individual sessions include body/energy field scans to determine where past imprints and traumas are stored and how to release them to allow a greater flow of our life force. The flow of our life force (subtle energy) is essential to sustain life. By maintaining continual communication with our higher Self and Source of all of life, the cells in our body are repeatedly renewed. Imprints of fear can cause interference patterns that can effect our ability to maintain this communication with our higher Self and Source. The result of releasing self-limiting imprints, especially traumas is an increased flow of our life force resulting in more vibrant health and greater well-being.


Cost: $100 - 1 hour, $150 - 1 1/2 hours

Locations: Coaching and individual sessions with Alice Yeager are held at Peace Point in Edgewater, Md. Joint sessions with Faith Hagerty, PT are at the Annapolis Lymphedema and Therapy Center in Annapolis. Md.

Contact Us to schedule an appointment.