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Performing Arts

Spirit Creative Services Inc. is a co-sponsor of the Peace Nouvella Players™ ensemble of artists, musicians, writers, dancers, filmmakers theater arts performers and supportive crew.  We assist in the production of programs for theaters, schools, organizations, conferences, churches and special events with inspiring messages for today's challenging times.  These entertainingly programs are designed to encourage each individual to take personal responsibility for becoming an inner and outer peace-builder in the world. 

Our intent is to offer innovative productions that serve the greater community and provide leadership in the use of the creative arts for healing. This includes encouraging recognition of the role artists play in finding creative solutions for the challenges we face individually and globally in our rapidly changing times.

We invite all ages to participate in these programs produced as part of American Healing Arts Alliance Inc. 
non-profit's peace-building programs. 

  1. Youth and Adult Programs

  2. Creative Artists and Performing Artists                              

  3. Inspirational Peacebuilding Educational Programs 

  4. Presentations at Theaters, Schools, Organizations and Events

Please visit the AHAA Peace Nouvella Players™ 
web page for auditions, interviews and portfolio review information.

To view the Peace Nouvella Players™ brochure click here.

Performing Arts
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