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Spirit Creative Services Inc. provides services, products and programs in the creative arts, healing arts, and performing arts. Our consulting and educational services are also an important part of these programs.


Biography - Alice Yeager, MFA

Alice Yeager, MFA, is an accomplished professional speaker, trainer, subtle energy hands healer, multi-sensory intuitive, life coach, mentor, writer, illustrator and fine artist. Alice is founder and president of Spirit Creative Services, Inc. , a wellness consulting, publishing and creative services company. She is also founder and president of the American Healing Arts Alliance Inc ., a non-profit educational alliance of healing arts and sciences organizations, professional
practitioners and supportive individuals.

Alice specializes in consulting and training for groups and individuals in the healing and creative arts for professional and self-development. Alice uses her highly developed multi-sensory abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairgustant and clairscentist with the goal of empowering others to develop their own intuitive, healing and inner peace building abilities.

Her professional endeavors have included co-producing and co-hosting a live call-in radio health talk show. She is a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming master practitioner and a trained TetraMap® and Islands of Opportunity® facilitator. She is also developer and trainer for an international educational program called Peace Nouvella™. Aspects of this program include the Inner Peace Treaty™ and Peace Pulse™ collective thought projects and the Peace Nouvella Players performing arts ensemble. The full Peace Nouvella™ program offers a comprehensive course of study, individual and group practices and international peacebuilding projects designed to foster greater peace and healing globally.

Alice's Philosophy Statement

"As a creative and healing arts educator, speaker, writer, and advocate of peace education with over 40 years of experience in education, I believe there is a compelling need to recognize the integral relationship between peace and healing. In my path as a creative and healing arts educator, I envision a new era of peace education that encompasses the development of inner peace building, intuition, creativity, and healing capabilities. The Peace Nouvella educational program I have co-creatively developed offers an integrative curriculum with a focus on inner and outer health through creative expression and peacebuilding. This comprehensive program offers extraordinary potential for resolving the many challenges we face individually, as a nation and globally.

As citizens in a global society we need peaceful solutions to our shared global concerns that can only be understood in the light of higher Truth. This understanding of Truth as the "Capital Idea" of God as Love is a very real Presence that can be experienced everywhere, in everyone and in everything. This Truth comes with the awareness that there is one Mind we all share. This one Mind knows Us as one with all there is. Fully understanding our oneness can bring a joyful awareness of ourselves as the creative extension of Love's Presence. This awareness is not bound by borders or even space and time. Who we are is Love not fear, Peace not war, able to joyfully share our whole Self as one with our Creator."

Biography - Faith Hagerty, PT, cert. MDT, CSCS

Faith Hagerty, PT, cert. MDT, CSCS, a physical therapist since 1994, has worked in acute care, inpatient rehab, nursing home and outpatient clinic settings. She has practiced in outpatient care since 1998 with a focus on spinal injuries. In 2003, she formed her own company, Kinesio Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, LLC, focusing on the spine and spine-related injuries. Faith is a certified McKenzie practitioner and is also certified as a strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She has been trained in manual therapy techniques of the spine and extremities through The Manual Therapy Institute. Faith has an undergraduate degree in Biological Basis of Behavior and has experienced multiple subtle energy healing methods.

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