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We The People, Co-creating Inner Peace

We the People, Co-Creating Inner Peace is a book by Alice Yeager with contributors. It is available electronically by  chapter in advance of full publication.  Each chapter is offered and priced as a series.  All proceeds are in support of the Peace Nouvella™ peace programs developed by Alice Yeager in conjunction with her non-profit activities as Founder and President of the American Healing Arts Alliance Inc.   

Advance copies by chapter (Introduction plus 10 chapters)
are $6.00 each or $30.00 for the series.  

Transformative Eco-Education for Humanity and Planetary Survival 

Alice Yeager is contributing writer to this book along with Sharon Howle as co-authors of the chapter titled We Are One Earth: Healing Our Planet Equals Healing Ourselves.  This book edited by Jing Lin and Rebecca Oxford presents powerful ideas for transformative eco-education.  At this time of ever-increasing ecological concerns, such education is needed to help transform and save our planet.  Alice and Sharon offer a perspective that eco-education as part of a transformative environmental education curriculum needs to include ways for each person to find both inner and outer resources.  Their contribution  provides vital information to help all of us to live in a healthier safer world.  This includes a basic understanding that we can only heal the Earth by healing ourselves.   

It is available in Paperback and Hardcover on line from Information Age Publishing

Transforming Education for Peace

This book co-authored and edited by Jing Lin, Edward Brantmeier and Christa Bruhn includes a chapter co-authored by Alice Yeager with Lt. Colonel Irene Zoppi titled "Transforming Teaching Warfare into Peace".  Alice and Irene's  contribution is the lead chapter in the Section called New Paradigms for Education for Peace.  This book is considered a text book for college curriculums in Peace Education as well as an informative read for the general public.  It is highly recommended as a great resource for students, teachers, peace education, consultants, organizations and others interested in a global understanding of peace education. 

It is available in Paperback and Hardcover on line from Information Age Publishing

Please Contact Us for group and quantity discounts
through Spirit Creative Services Inc.   

As one of the contributing writers to this book Alice Yeager is available to speak
and offer workshops on various topics of peace education for organizations, schools, churches, counseling and community educational programs. 

Please Contact Us  to schedule a presentation.  

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Eco-Education for Humanity and Planetary Survival 
Edited by:
Jing Lin, University
of Maryland
Rebecca Oxford,
Air University,

Information Age Publishing. 

Transforming Education for Peace  
Edited by:
Jing Lin, University
of Maryland
Edward J. Brantmeier, Colorado State University
Christa Bruhn, University of Wisconsin
Information Age Publishing. 

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