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Healing Arts

Group and individual training and consultations.

Peace Nouvella™ programs including;

  1. Individual consultations and coaching

  2. Educational events, workshops and courses

  3. Healing arts professional and personal practice

  4. Healing arts and sciences publications including books, newsletters and articles

Our healing arts and sciences educational programs and individual consultations offer information about wellness, integrative, preventive, complementary, alternative and mind-body practices with emphasis on the following areas:

  1. Mind-body renewal practices including meditation and relaxation techniques.

  2. Subtle energy, hands healing and self-healing practices.

  3. Life coaching and mentoring for a healthier lifestyle and work environment.

  4. Creative and intuitive intelligence for leadership and personal skills development.

  5. Communication skills for greater interpersonal and cross-cultural understanding.

  6. Peacebuilding for family, community and team building

  7. Nutrition resources for health foods, vitamin supplements, herbs,
    and homeopathy.

  8. Physical therapy and fitness resources for greater mobility,
    strength, alertness and stamina.

  9. Referrals to a network of health practitioners.

Our individualized consultations address the specific needs of the individual and provide in-depth personalized self-healing training. Also visit our Programs page for information on our trainings and professional and personal practice certification. 

 To make an appointment for a consultation please Contact Us

Renewal, Health and Inner Peace.

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The depiction below is of a Peace Pulse™ individual session

Photography by Christine Hunt with photoshop rendering by Bella Photo Art.